Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I now have five courses running at two universities. The latest sees me travel to Surrey once a week to teach print media in the digital age to 60-odd students. The day begins with a lecture on the top floor of an eight-storey tower and then taking smaller seminar groups in a series of rooms in another building.

The module is in its second year and I'm delivering it from someone else's handbook which means downloading the reading list each week and bringing myself up to speed on the slow train from Waterloo. Provided the students follow suit, we're all on the same page. Problem is, not enough do. Students eh?

This week the topic was convergence. Easy call there. Told some of the keenest to go to the Media pages at and search for Telegraph and digital newsroom. Wish I hadn't. Lots of discussion. Not much about digital/print convergence though.

Missing the Blackberry more and more.


Chris Horrie said...

Hi Richard - I've linked from Westminster Journalism to your blog. See:

Tim Holmes said...
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