Friday, February 09, 2007

It pays to talk amongst ourselves

These pages got a mention in Press Gazette this week as part of a round-up of the "leading voices in journo-blogging". I have to say, that was a little flattering, given the amount of time I spend doing it.

In fact, putting it into newspaper terms, I must be the quarterly periodical to, say, someone like Roy Greenslade's multi-edition daily.

I'm impressed by the disclipline of many of these "journalism compulsive-obsessives" (Adrian Monck's self-description) and envious of the way they find, or make, the time to keep abreast of everything.

I've been critical of some forms of blogging in the past, dismissing those from all walks of life who risk RSI just to fill a space every day. But, collectively, these journo-blogs - with the aid of Google Reader - have provided the most comprehensive and thought-provoking overview of media thinking I can recall.

Especially to someone who grew up getting their insights once a week from, you guessed it . . . Press Gazette.


Anonymous said...

It's a feeble joke - Adrian Monk is an obsessive-compulsive detective. Arianna Huffington called bloggers O-C...

Anonymous said...
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Richard Burton said...

Not as feeble as my attempt (after years of byline jokes) to rebrand myself Dick Burton. After one edition as a special agent I returned to my roots with my tail between my legs.