Thursday, January 14, 2010

I wouldn’t be too eager to change the Beaver

Damn these email spam filters. How dare they force one of Canada’s oldest magazines to change its name?

Winnipeg’s finest, The Beaver, has been doing very well for the past 90 years, thank you very much. Until, that is, readers found their online queries bouncing back.

Whatever next?

I just hope this doesn’t discourage others from taking their erstwhile local publications online. Residents of the County Donegal village of Muff may experience a few problems, not to mention those in the Savoie village of Pussy.

It wasn’t like that in the good old days of innocence when all we had to worry about was the good old black and white TV. I remember well my mum’s favourite programme; a light-hearted singalong show with Noel Gordon on her pre-Crossroads days. Its name: Lunchbox.

Sorry about that. But I've just done wonders for my SEO.

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