Wednesday, February 23, 2011

easyJet and easy pickings: part two

What is it about this story and light fingers? Two days after the Sun nicked our easyJet exclusive and made it their exclusive – and a day after it went around the world like the longest of long-haul flights – it now appears on that well known “content farm”,
the Huffington Post.

And what makes matters worse is that while they do give an attribution – it’s to CNN and, wait for it, even the Daily Mail for quotes from the hapless passenger who complained – taken word-for-word the ones used in the original JC story.

I was interested to read the many comments this attracted when Roy Greenslade picked it up on his blog, particularly the cynicism among those who thought the practice rife.

Which is why I took the decision some time ago that the JC should syndicate its material. Sadly, our syndication partner was on holiday the week this happened. When he comes back I’ll have to ask him. Did he fly easyJet?

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