Monday, July 18, 2011

Britain's Watergate? More like Floodgate

Max Hastings used to have a hobbyhorse or two, such as banning the word gay and announcing one day that Celebrity was too trite for pages of the Daily Telegraph.

And I well recall one of his forays into the newsroom in which he told us to stop using the suffix Gate when referring to scandals.

It was sometime around Squidgygate, or was it Camillagate? Anyway, it was a decision one I wholeheartedly agreed with. Until now.

Hack-gate, Wapping-gate, Murdoch-gate Screws-gate don't really trip off the tongue as easily as "I knew nothing about it, guv". But if ever a topic were more suited, it’s this.

Coppers who turn a blind eye, MPs who fiddle their eccies probing shady hacks who give bungs to private dicks in seedy diners while their bosses destroy evidence - all of which threatens to unseat the Citizen Kane of our time - and all of which leads right to the steps of 10 Downing Street?

It's the most significant turning point in modern media history and, as we pause for breath ahead of the next revelation, it begs only one serious question; Who will play Rupert Murdoch in the film?

Rebekah Brooks, if she still has any clout, would probably plump for Nicole Kidman and James Murdoch wouldn't be at all hacked off at Matt Damon, such is notoriety. And there’d probably even be a cameo role of so for Brooks’ ex, Ross Kemp alongside David Jason and George Cole, in the bung scenes. Andy Coulson won’t thank me for choosing Dwight Schrute of the American Office as him, Ed Miliband will find little Comfort in who I have for him, although Hugh Grant can play himself.

As for the the Great Man himself. Not looking his best these days. Nuff said.

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