Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The uncomfortable truth about Croydon

A council chief bans reporters from a public meeting because he is "uncomfortable" with their presence. Two local papers and a blogger from Croydon were asked to leave so he could address a local forum about regeneration plans.

Croydon Council CEO John Rouse told the gathering in West Croydon: "It's not my job to place myself in a position where I have to defend council policy and have my words scrutinised." A vote was taken to exclude reporters from two local papers and a popular blog.

Inexplicably, the Forum members followed his lead and the meeting was held in secret. One objector walked out in protest.

A couple of points worth noting: One, yes it is, Mr Rouse. Two, the objector should have stayed and taken notes.

It’s nice to see local papers actually attending such meetings these days, giving the low staffing levels. But the end of this particular wedge is looking very thin indeed.

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