Friday, March 02, 2007

Doing it in your sleep

One of the best things about working with surfers is the way they email you with cool links to offbeat stuff. That's how I learned about the Onion a few years ago and, now firmly set into my favoutites list, the Framley Examiner.

Actually, I found Framley too realistic to be funny all the time but that's another (extremely badly-written cliche-riddled, mis-spelt) story. The funniest I've seen recently is themanwhofellasleep, a diary of, among other things, conversations overheard on Tube journeys through London.

It's made Greg Stekelman, 32, into the latest blogging-author. Selections have new been turned into a book, another aspect of the print-is-dead, long live the web, conundrum that's equallty amusing.


themanwhofellasleep said...

Thanks very much Richard. I'm glad you like it.

The book is quite different from the website. It's a novel, so although it draws heavily from the site, it does have some vague semblance of a plot. Not much, but a little.

Richard Burton said...

A plot? Can't have everything. But you do need an idea . . .