Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ross and Brand fail the screen test

The complaints that forced the suspension of Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand had less to do, I fear, with the rather juvenile, but otherwise (let’s be honest) harmless messages on Andrew Sachs’ answering machine – and more to do with the webcam images screened when the row first broke.

The transcript seemed to suggest they’d had a liquid lunch. But the images were far more disturbing. The sight of two of the biggest beneficiaries of licence-payers money acting like stag-night karaoke stars while supposedly at work for our public service broadcaster were what jammed the BBC switchboard.

But, let’s be honest, it was a disaster waiting to happen. That these highly talented and experienced broadcast professionals were caught out by a camera defies belief.

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Unknown said...

Were the messages on Andrew Sachs' answering machine really 'harmless'? I would argue that if the bizarre behaviour and misogynist rantings of such high profile celebrities (and role models) is left unchecked, it would leave the door open to far worse on air bullying in the name of entertainment.

Yes, it was quite right that Ross and Brand should be suspended.. but if I had my way it would be from a high place, left to hang and then quartered.