Monday, January 19, 2009

Courting contempt

They've done it yet again. My local free magazine, The Voice of the Village, has committed another blatant contempt.

The same mag that all but convicted a drunk driver a day or so after his arrest, this week, under the headline; 'Man charged with post office robbery' listed in detail the full indictment, including times and dates of eight other charges and the date he is due in court.

But it also included the killer lines: He was responsible for the attempted robbery...he threatened staff... he demanded money...before lapsing into belated anonymity by concluing that 'the man' escaped in an uinknown direction on his bike.

And if there were any doubt as to who the guilty party is - they used an old police-issue mugshot.

There but for the grace and all that . . . but someone should have a word.