Wednesday, December 01, 2010

More questions than answers

I’m supposed to be addressing some of the brightest young minds in Britain on Friday when I make my annual trip to the Independent Schools Careers Office and make the case for journalism.

I usually begin with a state-of-the-industry address, rounding up where an industry which changes year-on-year happens to find itself. And the questions are often challenging.

So, I wonder, where do I stand on Wikileaks and what it says for the flow of free, open information (something I told the last bunch the media had to ‘adapt’ to or be left behind). And, a Sarah Palin hit-squad notwithstanding, how can a story so sensational it rocks governments continue unabated when a British judge will issue a super injunction to spare the blushes of a footballer caught with his pants down?

And then talking of self-interest (which we will) how do equate the vitriol dished out by today’s Sun – and its begging front page letter for Fifa - against the justification for BBC’s panorama programme on corruption?

As for phone tapping and who knew what? Don’t get me started. Not until Friday anyway.