Friday, November 24, 2006

The Little Britain spectacular at the Hammersmith Apollo was one of the funniest shows I’d seen in ages. Matt Lucas's Vicky Pollard live was far better than anything she (he) has done on TV, we saw rather more of Jeremy Edwards than even a post-watershed slot would allow and not quite enough of Kate Moss. But you couldn't have scripted the priceless ad-libbing. And that's what theatre is all about of course.

But the real fun was in the little Britishness that set the scene for the 4,000 of us there: the usual £4-a-time wine in plastic beakers, the overflowing gents loos at the back of the stalls that gave atmosphere to the more lavatorial humour, the drunken guffawing of the stag party to my right, the constant shuffling of seats from the five-pints-in-the-interval crowd and the way the people behind took one look at Thierry Henry a few rows in front started calling out to Ian Wright.

Well, black blokes with bald heads? Same difference in Little Britain, surely.

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Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog and noticed you saw Little Britain Comic Relief special the other night.
I own a Little Britain website and am buidling up some reviews from the special show and would very much appreciate a small or even large review of the show that could be added on the 'Comic Relief' page.
If so, that would be fantastic!