Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blink and you'll miss it

I finished a 12-week stint at Kingston University yesterday. I was a last-minute replacement for a module called print media in the digital age and had to pick it up and run with it at short notice.

I worked from a learning template printed last year to guide students through subjects from convergence to the role of aggregators to the future of the written word.

It was a testament to the speed of change in the industry that I approved the reading matter ahead of the first lecture but much of it was out of date by the time the course ended. It was further testament to the way the industry has embraced new media that the best reading was not found in the library but the media pages. This could save time researching future modules if I can dismiss the reading list section with: "buy a paper every day."

I’m at City University from today, guiding international scholarship students through a project that requires them to produce a business newspaper. Old fashioned journalism. In print, and using Quark Express.

But I guess this will have changed by the time we're off the press. Before you can say InDesign, in fact.


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