Thursday, August 05, 2010

One way to air your secrets

Here’s technology in action. I just heard my name mentioned on J-Net radio. The Livingston’s World presenter had asked causally if I wanted her to play a request. I said, sure, let’s have Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin. It reminded me of when I fell for a young dancer in Paris as a kid in the 70s.

An hour later, after humming along to pop royalty, Life on Mars came on and the studio discussion turned to David Bowie. No-one seemed to recall his son’s name. Zac? Zebedee? Dunno; sod’s law we’ll all remember after the show.

I sent a text to presenter Sharron Livingston (above) saying: you’ll kick yourself. It’s Zowie! How do I remember that. Pure coincidence, I confided. His dad shared a brief “moment” with the very girl I fell for in Paris. “He was a rising star,” I lamented. “I was just falling…”

Sorted, I thought. At least it’ll give her a chuckle on the way home.

. . . except that I heard her mobile beep on air moments after I sent it. "Ah, I've got a text," she said.

How many listeners do they have?


Sharron Livingston said...

Well, I can be sure of least 1 listener!

Incidentally, I often get listeners texting me or interacting through facebook. Next month we will start taking calls.

So feel free to do it again.

Facebook: Sharron Livingston and Livingston's World

Anonymous said...

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