Monday, May 18, 2009

Good excuse for being late for work

The day began a little later than usual, because a woman almost gave birth on a train.

Passengers travelling on the Central Line into the City were stuck for about 20 minutes as the driver gave constant updates. But left out the best bits.

After first explaining there appeared to be a door problem with the train in front at St Paul's Station, he then announced the unexpected labour.

But from then on, his minute-by-minute "customer updates" included everything from how the train was being cleared, how he could see the driver ushering people off, how the platform was now dangerously crowded, how it was being cleared, how we would be technically jumping a red light and "proceeding at 10kph or less", how only the first carriage would reach the platform as the other train was still there and how the driver would have to open the doors "manually from the outside" to let us out, single-file.

But no news of mother and baby.

It was only as I boarded the escalator for the exit that I found out. There, riding alongside me on the next one, strapped to a stretcher and screaming the place down, was mum-to-be.

The time it took to move her from the platform suggested either the ambulance had been stuck in rush-hour traffic or they'd expected a platform birth.

Eiher way, bet she calls it Paul.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't accuse me of being a MCP or not very PC (I often give my seat up to females)but after the success Boris had with banning booze on the Tube, perhaps he could bring in a similar law concerning pregnant women.
Airlines can refuse to fly anyone more than seven months pregnant, so why can't London Underground do the same?
If this is too much of a vote loser then he could restrict the hours they can use it - say between 10am and 4pm - so they can still shop and "do lunch" but don't cause problems for bankers, city traders and journos!