Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Katie and Peter - the latest chapter

Jordan and Peter Andre's marriage is on the rocks, and they have asked for privacy during their difficult time.

I'd love to think their wishes could be granted, particularly as I used to rent a flat to his publicist and never once felt tempted to invade his privacy. Mind you, he had faded from view after his one fairly forgetable hit.

But that's beside the point. Given that the pair met on a reality show that reinvigorated his career, they sold their wedding pictures for a sum equivalent to 50 backbenchers' expense claims and made a fortune by living their lives in front of the cameras, they've got as much hope of privacy as Newcastle has of winning the premiership.

Incidentally, the publicist moved out ages ago. Pity. I'd love to ask her what she thought of the mileage the couple are getting out of this, particularly as their story is currently the most read on several national newspaper websites - even beating those expenses stories.

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Anonymous said...

Hello!- It just sounds like the start of another PR plan to get a massive payday for the couple. What will they try to promote this time - book,TV series or plastic surgery?
Privacy? They couldn't stand it if they weren't all over the fronts of redtops and celeb mags.
I'd send them both to a jungle in Oz so we would never see or hear from them again but that wouldn't be fair on the children who are the real victims in this story.